Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Jackson Rathbone" Photo Shoot & Wallpaper

There are not a lot of photo shoots of Jackson Rathbone and this new one just came out and I think it is very nice. Shows his style and yet it's simple while being original. I really think the photos are nice and he looks very cute. His eyes are like crazy BRIGHT green, lucky guy. I also made a wallpaper using some of the pictures. I'm using the wallpaper for my new laptop and I love it.



Lauren Fuda said...

i might get hurt for saying this, but who is he? is it bad ive never seen him before? it is isn't it?

Irena Lightfoot said...

hahah yes you will get hurt how could you not know! lol kidding.

He's Edwards brother Jasper in Twilight he is my favorite after the two main characters that is (edward and bella) HE IS SO CUTE! I love him.

and yes it is bad for you... since your eyes have never had the pleasure of looking at him.

Qeelα ♥ said...

Lo amo mil graciaas
te sigo GRAACIASSZ♥♥

Anonymous said...

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