Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Jessica Alba" New Candids

Okay lots of new Jessica Alba candids mostly of her and her daughter Honor at the park on different days, some with her husband Cash and a few alone. I must say Honor is so sweet even though I don't like kids too much she seems like a good one. Jess looks beautiful as always too.


Friday, January 30, 2009

"The UK Office" David Brent's Dance

The funniest shit you will ever see... well at least this month. This is from an episode in season 2, we are almost done with the whole show so I will review it soon.
Do yourself a favor yeah? Watch it.


"Angelina Jolie" New Event Photos

Here are some beautiful new photos of Angelina Jolie promoting for her movies and as Brads date for his movies. She looks so amazing. Hope you enjoy the photos.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans" Movie Review

I am a HUGE fan of the "Underworld" movies and I LOVE Kate Beckinsale. And although this one had different writers and directors it was still REALLY good. I had a great time watching it even though I knew what was going to happen (really all you have to do to know about the story line is to have watched the first underworld... the whole back story (what is movie is about) is told in it) but it was still awesome to see it all come to life. The movie had the same feel and look to the first two which I really love the whole dark green and blue filter used throughout the movie. I liked the acting too and loved seeing how the older characters came about. 

The most exciting thing of course was waiting to see the famous scene that brought the whole story line together of Viktor sentencing Sonja (his daughter) to death and her death by the sunlight while Lucian was forced to watch... they recreated it perfectly (compared to the flash backs from the first two movies)

The thing about the 'Underworld' movies is that they are really good action movies... and the thing with action movies is that they don't really have good story lines because they focus more on the actions... but the "Underworld" movies have really good action PLUS the story line is really interesting. I'm crazy into anything vampire related but it still has to be good so I'm not just saying it's good because it's about vampires... it's just good... for an action movie it's great. Check it out! 

A photo of the famous scene. Sonja before death.