Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Gossip Girl: Season One" TV Show Review

I've deleted my previous posts for gossip girl episode reviews. I'm only going to be doing tv show reviews by seasons and not episodes. So here is season one of gossip girl.

I started watching season one of "Gossip Girl" during the writers strike when they were showing reruns. I heard a lot about it and really wanted to see it, so I saw one episode and was HOOKED like insane, I haven't been this hooked since "The OC" was good (which is funny because the two shows are done by the same guy) they have the same style. Anyway season one focuses a lot on Serena and Dan and in season one I really did love them, they were so sweet... (I no longer think so, they've become annoying). I loved Chuck from the start because I always like the bad guy (who we all know is going to become the 'good guy'... or at least the guy we will fall in love and get to know better) and I was right he soon became my favorite. Now Blair is not so much one of my favorites but I do like her because of the relationship she has with Chuck. A love/hate thing going... and I loved when they were sneaking around behind Nathan's back. I also like all the parents. Characters I hated in this season were Jenny (always hate her) and I didn't really like hers and Dan mother either, I just didn't understand how you could just leave your kids and go live with your lover? Whatever. I'm also very proud I got my friend Danielle hooked too, we re-watched them all together.

My Favorite Episodes:
Episode 6 - The Handmaiden's Tale
Episode 7 - Victor, Victrola
Episode 10 - Hi, Society


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