Saturday, January 24, 2009

"The UK Office: Season One" TV Show Review

Troy and I just watched the season one dvd of the UK 'The Office'. Now I have been a big fan of the US 'The Office' and I always wanted to check out the UK version too. At first I was comparing it to the US version and I was thinking it wasn't so good because in my opinion the US version is a lot better... (even though it is by the same guys... found that out today) but as I watched more episodes I started to like it more. It's funny because they use a lot of works I use like "Jelly" not "Jello". "Rubbish" not "Trash". And so on but that is because Australians talk more like the English than the Americans. But anyway I really liked it and we are going to start the next season tomorrow, we have the dvd so that is exciting. Both of the offices are awesome but if you are American and if you are looking for something funnier the US version is better. The UK version moves along a lot faster also.


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Troy Lightfoot said...

while i do like the american one better the UK is way funny on it's on. if only they have more episodes it would be bad ass! episode 3 of season 2 is my favorite so far. "fashion"

David brent has the best one liners though. Like when he said someone was getting raped in the hotel room. classic