Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Eclipse" Book Review

Eclipse: By Stephenie Meye

This book was AMAZING. My favorite two chapters are in this book. My one big complaint is that TOO much happen, there was so much going on all at once and then even more stuff happen. Once you think one thing another thing happens. Really you think you know something is coming but something even more shocking happens. This book kept me guessing and what I liked was that everything was even better than any of my guessing.

By the end I had mixed feelings about it, I wasn't sure if I liked what happen or not. I feel like there is always something keeping them apart, always something else in the way and it's very annoying but that is the reason the story is so good anyway, what would be so interesting about it if they never had anything standing between them?

I also loved that the story went into Jaspers history more since I love him. Then they go into Roses character too, I guess to try make you understand where she is coming from but I just hate her more and more as I learn more about her... she is horrible.

By the end everything that is happening comes together and makes more sense but then MORE stuff happens, it's insane and so hard to put down lol. This one is second best to me after the first.

Very exciting and action packed and more importantly romance packed. I really enjoyed the read.


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