Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Twilight Cast" in Vanity Fair Videos

My favorite photo shoot of Rob and Kristen from Vanity Fair. Here is all the behind the scenes footage, very cute! This is my dream job! Going on location or in studio taking photos of beautiful people... oh my god I hope the day comes.
- Some of the camera footage is shaky at times but still worth watching if you like these two.
- Also here are the new photos that just released. all old one are in this http://irenalightfoot.blogspot.com/2008/12/twilight-cast-in-vanity-fair.html post. I hope more get released.

Clip One: Kris pushing Rob around

Clip Two: Rob holding Kris. Then Cam comes into the shoot.

Clip Three: Rob and Kris enjoy the music hahaha. Taylor enters shoot and the older kids mess around with him... mostly Rob

Clip Four: Rob and Kris swing around

Clip Five: Kris does some photos alone. Then Kristen explains to Rob that "he's a guy" for some reason very funny though. Then they do some more jumping around while holding hands and rocking out to the music.

Clip Six: JACKSON! (Jasper). Ashley (Alice) and Peter (Carlisle) hug while standing around... very sweet. Kellen (Emmett) seems to like walking around half naked. Jackson (Jasper) holds Ashley (Alice). Best Friends Nikki (Rose) and Kris (Bella) play around and get into trouble by the photographer haha

Other Footage: OMG Jackson (Jasper) takes his "wifey" Ashley (Alice) home "after a hard day at work." So sweet. Also Nikki and Kristen kiss in this one.. which people made a big deal about.


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