Sunday, December 14, 2008

"The Covenant" Movie Review

Starring: Steven Strait, Laura Ramsey and Sebastian Stan
Director: Renny Harlin
Writer: J.S. Cardone

I've seen 'The Covenant' before first when it came out in the movies because it's by the same producers as 'Underworld' (which is one of my favorite vampire movies). Then I got the DVD and saw it a few times after, I hadn't seen it for awhile so last night I had some free time and decided that I would put it on and really concentrate on the story line (since it's a little hard to follow) It's one of those movie that actually has a good story line but wasn't put together well. The characters and story line needed more developing... but it's still a guilty pleasure of mine plus I just realized that Chase Crawford (Nate from GG) is in it... seen it before but didn't know him before.

So story line goes like this.
In 1692, in the Ipswich Colony of Massachusetts, five families with untold power formed a covenant of silence. One family, lusting for more, was banished - their bloodline disappearing without a trace.... until now.

I think it's fun to watch as long as you focus on the story line because the directors didn't do a good job of putting it together well... maybe if it was a little longer they could have done a better character development on at least the main characters. I really didn't believe the love story between the two main characters AT ALL

I would tell people to see it though because there is some good action and hot guys in it... lol.

PS: I wonder how someone can look sooo god damn good in one movie and not be so hot in real life... I'm talking about Caleb (Steven Strait) the main character... I'm not saying he's not good looking he's just not as hot anywhere else but this movie.


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