Saturday, December 6, 2008

"True Blood: Season One" TV Show Review

True Blood is a HBO TV show about modern day vampires living out in the open with humans. Vampires that just came out of hiding into the public eye because the Japanese have created a drink called "true blood" on which vampires can survive without drinking human blood. Now there are vampires who still do so... but they can drink blood without killing people or turning them into vampires. The story is about Suki, a human who can read peoples minds and Bill, a new vampire in town. They fall in love. There is not only vampires in this show but shape shifter too... well anyway the show is about this town where a lot of weird murders and other even stranger things happen. I really enjoyed season one and can not wait for the second one. My favorite character ends up being the killer so he's out of the show now which makes me sad, but pretty much all the characters are interesting and funny in their own way. I've love almost everything to do with vampires since I was little and while this show is about vampires it is very different to any other vampire movies and TV shows which is what I think makes it so good. Totally love the show, you should look into it if you haven't yet.


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