Thursday, December 4, 2008

"In The Land Of Women" Movie Review

Starring: Adam Brody, Meg Ryan and Kristen Stewart.
Director & Writer: Jon Karsdan

The first time I watched this movie I was not really paying attention to it and I didn't find it interesting. But I wanted to give it another chance because I wanted to watch Kristen Stewart in a movie other than 'Twilight' to see her other acting skills I guess, and I love Adam Brody also so I was alone the other night while troy was out DJing so I said I'm really going to watch it this time, and since that night I've seen the movie like 4 times in this last week. I find it so funny while also dealing with some really serious issues everyone goes through in life such as loosing love and death and finding love but I think it's mostly about the people that shape your life. In this case it was the way the women (Sofia Lucy, Sarah and his grandmother) shaped Carter's life. My favorite part in the movie was every part his grandmother was in, she was sooo funny.

It's not full of interesting things that happen, it's very everyday normal life kind of thing... day to day but I think it's worth watching, I really love it... the more I see it the more I like it.

Storyline: Carter moves from L.A to help his grandmother out and to just get away from his life, since his girlfriend Sofia dumped him. But he starts to have relationships with the mother and daughter across the road and we go into their story lines as well. Carter (Brody) deals with loosing love. Sarah (Ryan) deals with her family and her cancer. And Lucy (Stewart) deals with finding love and understanding her mother who she is always mad at.

Basically I would recommend it to most people and that's what I'm doing now. Rent it and watch it, you might like it.

Also here is my favorite photo from the movie. Kristen Stewart painting.


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