Monday, December 1, 2008

"Let Me Sign" by Rob Pattinson

I have two favorite songs right now. One of which is 'Let Me Sign' by Rob Pattinson. Although I have loved this song since I first heard it I never fully understood what it meant. And at work today my friend Danielle and I were talking about this song and she said "I love this song, I listen to it everyday but I'm not sure what 'let me sign' mean's" and she asked me if I could tell her what it means. Sadly I couldn't answer but I told her I'd get back to her and this afternoon I did. So since this blog is about my interests first thing I wanted to write about was what this songs is about since now that I understand it is so much better than I ever thought.

First of all Rob Pattinson wrote the song for the scene in the movie 'Twilight' where Edward tells Bella he is a Vampire (come on we all knew it). And the first time he acts like a Vampire in front of her is when he pulls the tree out of the ground with no effort at all. First I will post the lyrics and then go into my thoughts on it. Since the lyrics are not officially posted anywhere, there are many different versions posted on the internet but they are all pretty much the same. Here is one I believe could be closed to the real thing.

"Oh, She's standing by a broken tree
Her hands are all twisted,
She's pointing at me
I was damned by the light coming
All that I see
She spoke with a voice and,
Looked up at the sky (or) that's, tough to describe,
She said "hold on lover, yeah,
Don't be ashamed,
I will wrap you in my arms
And know that you'll be safe"
Let me sign
Let me sign...."

Basically she is agreeing to sign all her love over to him for who he is. It doesn't matter to her that he is a Vampire. Much like when you sign any piece of paper agreeing to something. She's agreeing to him. He doesn't scare her. She loves every part of him.
"She's standing by a broken tree" - They are in a forest when he tells her he is a vampire. Standing next to the tree he just broke in front of her.
"I was damned by the light coming" - since he's a vampire the light exposes who he really is. He is damned because there is no way for him to hide his true self in the sunlight.
"Hold on lover, yeah, don't be ashamed, I will wrap you in my arms and know you'll be safe" - she is telling him he doesn't need to be ashamed of who he is because to her she'll love him any way he is and with her he'll always be able to be himself. So he can always find comfort in her, someone who won't be afraid of what he is.
"Let me sign" - She is agreeing to love him forever, no matter what. Much like signing a piece of paper she is simply signing her whole self over to him.

It's kind of silly how simple the meaning is. I think the song is so beautiful. Last of all... Robert Pattinson wrote some amazing lyrics and understands these characters so well I'm glad he plays Edward because he has such a deep understanding of them.

again it's called 'Let Me Sign' by Rob Pattinson and see if you like it.



EDIT: Official Lyrics have been released

She was standing there by the broken tree
Her hands were all twisted she was pointing at me
I was damned by the light coming out of her eyes
She spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky
She said ' Come on over to the bitter shade,
I will wrap you in my arms and you'll know you've been saved'
Let me sign, let me sign


tgrandeenlacasa said...

yay im so excited that your first blog was about my question! hahah and im so confused about the lyrics now it's not even funny.. the ones that i had were totally different than yours.. someone should ask him what the lyrics really are.. maybe they're on the album or something

Irena Lightfoot said...

yeah well i wrote that they aren't out anywhere, but the ones I posted are probably the closest to the real thing, the first set of lyrics you got is totally wrong that's why a lot of people are confused by the lyrics.

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