Saturday, December 20, 2008

"New Moon" Book Review

New Moon: By Stephenie Meyer

New Moon was sad and heartbreaking but I loved it, anyone that can put that into words is pretty talented. Edward leaves Bella and I totally hated him for it and you want to keep reading it so you can see what will happen between them. She forms a friendship with Jacob and they become best friends, but all the while she always thinks about Edward even though Jacob loves her. By the way Jacob is really interesting in this one and I love him too. It's a little boring through the middle which is what most people said but you have to read all that for the end to be good. It was so amazing... but so far Twilight is still my favorite, but that might just be me because I always love getting to know the characters and how everything came up... the start of a relationship is always more exciting to me. There wasn't enough drama but it was still amazing come the end of the book. I read it too fast though, so I will have to read this one again after I'm done with the next two books.

Overall it's still one of my favorite books, a little boring in the middle but worth it. The end is sooooo good!... a little quick though... I hope they focus on the last like 7 chapters more in the movie then the middle of the book.


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