Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Twilight" Movie Review

Starring: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Screenplay Writer: Melissa Rosenberg

Today I saw two movies, Danielle and I went to see 'Twilight' again. This was my 4th time and I think last for in the movies anyway... I could watch it again and again (besides for the hospital scene that is... if you've seen it you'll understand and know what I'm talking about) but I need to grow up and just wait for the DVD... so it's time I reviewed it... or just talked about it really... my thoughts.

First of all the movie was pretty different to the book, the scenes were mixed up and changed and things that weren't a big deal in the book were made a big deal of in the movie and same thing with the book to the movie. The book explains a lot more with the characters but I understand you can't do as much in 2 hours than in 500 pages. The first time I saw it I was comparing it to the book and I was a little disappointed but the second time I totally didn't think about the book and only thought of it as a movie and I thought it was great! It's one of my new favorite movies and I can't wait for the next one.

Kristen (Bella) is an amazing actress I've watched her in other movies and she really is a great actress I can't wait to watch more of her movies which I put on my netfix account - just waiting for neflix to get it's act together.

Robert (Edward) is amazingly good looking and also a great actor I thought he captured Edward better than anyone would have, he really gets into his roles and I look forward to seeing him grow as an actor.

And together they have so much chemistry it makes me want to fall out of my seat and melt. They will be so great in the next 2... hopefully 3 movies.

I also LOVED Jackson (Jasper)... he is a great actor I loved how he played Jasper so well he really looked like he was in pain, he was the most interesting to watch and VERY cute.

Other characters I liked were Charlie who is Bella's father, I find him funny and I like there father/daughter relationship. I also liked Jacob... I think I like him because no one else does and he's really not that bad, he's just in love with Bella... what's wrong with that... he's a good friend who cares about our main character and he's pretty cool in my eyes. Emmet is awesome also, but Rose is the only one I really didn't like at all... I'm actually on the 3rd book and just finish a chapter that explained Rose more and was meant to make you feel for her but I just hate her more... anyway.

James was cool too, he's a good actor and looks like a better looking and young Brad Pitt which is always nice to watch.

Anyway I think that's all I can say... my favorite scene is the kiss it explained the relationship very well I think and I also loved this little scene of Bella and Charlie is the kitchen where she just comes home and drinks water while he talks about her mom being happy and her new husband and Bella look like she's about to say something then just walks out and Charlie is like "okay...." I don't know I just like stuff like that.

If you haven't seen it... I don't know what you are waiting for. It's a must see on my list.

(BTW - If anyone cares I saw 'The day the earth stood still' also, which was good but no review on that... didn't like it enough to spend time writing about it)


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